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Thanks for showing interest in WP Optin Boxes.

I created this plugin way back in 2014 (earlier known as WP Conversion Boxes) as a free plugin on WordPress repository. The plugin also had a paid version called WP Conversion Boxes Pro which had some additional functionalities.

Soon things started picking and I started getting good number of downloads and sales. Things were going good so eventually I decided to partner up with a few markerters to take this plugin to the next level.

We rebranded the plugin to WP Optin Boxes and did a pretty big and successful launch around mid-2015. We got thousands of plugin purchases within a week's time.

It was a great time for all of us!

But, beacause of this launch, I had to pull down my free plugin from WordPress repository so that it could be sold as premium-only plugin.

After launch I kept developing plugin and adding new features. But soon the number of purchases went down drastically and we were hardly getting any sales.

Over next few years, a point came when we had 0 sales for a few months straight.

That kept happening till early 2020 when my contract with the partners got over and I got back the full rights to my plugin that I originally built.

Today I have the premium plugin with me, but is a quite outdated as it has not been updated for last few years. I do not know the future of this plugin as I'm fully occupied with running my WordPress agency, Fantastech.

I might re-launch the free version of the plugin again on WordPress repository or maybe re-build the plugin when I get time and launch as a premium plugin. I'm not sure when that would happen, but till then, you can download the last updated premium version of the plugin for FREE from this link.

Ram Shengale,
Developer of WP Optin Boxes,
Founder and CEO, Fantatech Solutions

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